A web designer is responsible for creating a unique and user-friendly website that is perfectly adapted to a business’s branding and specifications. They make certain that the website for a business is functional and up-to-date.

Web designers also check that the plugins a company or business uses work with the store template they create. They ensure that the website is search engine friendly and optimized.

Responsibilities of a Web Designer:

  • Create a unique and user-friendly website that is adapted to business branding and specifications
  • Make sure the website is functionally and up-to-date
  • Create a store template that works with business plugins
  • Ensure the website is search engine friendly and optimized
  • Integrate various components of a business with their Shopify store
  • Connect the store with a business’s social media platforms
  • Make any coding changes that are necessary

Program the website according to each business’s needs

  • Optimize the store for maximum performance and functionality
  • Test and monitor the performance of a store on a regular basis

    Skills of a Web Designer

  • A Web designer is proficiently skilled at building, launching, and maintaining stores and has expert knowledge of Shopify’s admin system. They also have a deep understanding of eCommerce design elements and understand the technical capabilities and limitations that Shopify has to offer.
  • They are proficient in CSS and HTML and have strong coding and programming skills. They also have knowledge of open-source software and common web technologies that are integral to building a multi-channel store experience.
  • A Web designer also knows SEO and how to work with the platform APIs. They also understand Shopify’s theme development and liquid templating and have experience working with 3rd party Shopify apps. They are also skilled at testing and debugging.
  • A good Web designer has the ability to communicate well and works well with others. They are also highly organized, creative, and adaptable. Skills of a Web Designer
  • Ability to build, launch and maintain E-commerce storesExpert knowledge of Shopify’s admin system
  • Deep understanding of eCommerce design elementsUnderstanding Shopify’s technical capabilities and limitationsProficient in CSS and HTMLStrong coding and programming skills
  • Knowledge of open-source software
  • Knowledge of common web technologiesStrong SEO knowledge
  • Deep understanding of platform APIsKnowledge of Shopify’s theme development and liquid templatingExperience working with 3rd party Shopify apps
  • Testing and debugging
  • Ability to communicate well
  • Works well with othersOrganizationCreativityAdaptability

    TIMINGS: 7:30 PM to 4:30 AM
    Location: Anywhere remote work, India

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